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This way you can enroll in the Safe Mobility Program and obtain asylum or parole in the United States.

This way you can enroll in the Safe Mobility Program and obtain asylum or parole in the United States.

Migrants traveling through Latin America toward the southern border of the United States enjoy a full protection program for several weeks. It’s about Safe transportation in ColombiaAn idea to ensure the movement of people without difficulties across the countries of the region.

For example, thousands of Cubans have already benefited from this coffee soil program since its launch. However, many still do not know how to apply it or its properties. Here we tell you the requirements that you must meet and the characteristics of the mentioned program.

The first thing you should know is that through this safe mobility program, you can also obtain asylum or parole in one of the participating countries. In this case there are the United States, Canada and Spain, among others.

Online orders for safe transportation are currently closed. The program’s website is activated for this purpose on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, starting at 8 a.m. Columbia time. The next opening is scheduled for November 14-28. Meanwhile, it will be available in December on the 12th and 28th of the last month of the year.

Applications are reviewed equally, regardless of registration time. If you have already done so, do not register again. If you need additional information about the process, you have the option of contacting the Safe Mobility Contact Center. The toll-free number enabling this is 0 1800 519 0665.

Qualified immigrants

The Safe Mobility Program is currently intended for migrants from Cuba, Haiti and Venezuela who were already in Colombia before June 11 of this year. The immigration status of each person is not taken into account when accepting applications.

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First, complete a free online form that allows you to consider and receive information about legal ways to travel to the United States or other countries. Each case is reviewed individually and then reported as to whether or not you are eligible.

The Colombian authorities state that all final decisions regarding entry into the United States are made by North American authorities. In addition, they explain that services related to the Safe Mobility Program are free. Any payment requests should be ignored.