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Do they regulate the sale of disposable diapers in Havana?

Do they regulate the sale of disposable diapers in Havana?

Will they restrict the sale of diapers and wet wipes in Havana from November 1? An alleged letter signed by Julio A. Martínez Roque, Coordinator of Objectives for the Government of Havana, has issued a number of regulations to Tiendas Caribe and Cimex relating to these sales, since the above-mentioned date.

according to Media Independents, like Copeta now, this supposed statement sparked hives among residents of the Cuban capital. “This is for fun, the sellers buy first, and if there is something left, those who really need it. They have to go to La Infancia (23 and 6), Galerías de Paseo and others.

What are the measures, according to the letter issued? It is known that the supply of diapers and wet wipes remains a problem on the island, and the Havana Provincial Government has announced new measures in this regard, according to the letter leaked to the independent media, as we once again confirm.

In this letter addressed to the heads of the CARIBE supermarket chains and the official of Corporación Cimex.SA, they point out that in the province of Havana there is “a system for the regulation and control of essential products in Tiendas Caribe and CIMEX establishments, which includes diapers and wet towels.”

Buying disposable diapers in Cuba?

To access these high-demand products, all of which are imported into the country, you must present a minor’s card and entry in the supply book, a system that has been maintained until now.

But after an analysis in this regard and in line with the assessments conducted in the municipalities, it was decided Allow sales in a controlled mannerThe pregnant woman’s card must be presented starting from week no. 26 or from a minor’s card up to 2 years, 11 months and 29 days. With an explanation in the letter of supply in the municipality in which you reside or purchase, as appropriate.

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Likewise, they decided to maintain their sales organization Two packages of diapers and one package of wet wipes “With frequency determined according to existing stocks.”

“Municipal administrative boards are also authorized to evaluate and decide on the sale to other segments of the population associated with chronic and acute diseases, who need the mentioned products. For this reason, we request through your structures that the signal be sent to all those responsible for the institutions, for subsequent compliance.”

From Directorio Cubano We remain aware of this information, to confirm it through other official means.