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Alicia Machado se reencuentra con Roberto Romano en 'La Casa de los Famosos'.

This was the reunion between Alicia Machado and Roberto Romano in “La Casa de los Famosos”

Alicia Machado He became the first finalist for thefamous houseAfter winning the leadership. This was the first time the former Miss Universe won one of these remains, but unfortunately she didn’t have all the perks.

Fans of the show know that the leader of the week had many perks. First, they have immunity and cannot be filtered. Secondly, they climbed into the commander’s suite with all the luxury and privacy. Third, they can save a candidate.

With only one elimination left, all of those perks were taken away and they only got a week’s worth of immunity. This is why Alicia became the first finalist because no one would be able to nominate her.

However, Alicia was the only remaining participant who was not able to ascend to the captain’s ward – not because she won the test, and not because she was someone else’s companion.

A few days before the grand finale, La Jefa was generous and gave him a special privilege by giving him a pass into the suite. What Alicia didn’t know was that he would be waiting for her in the suite Roberto Romano, the boy she had an affair with during the first weeks of the show.

This was how Alicia climbed into the suite and found a trail of rose petals that led her to Roberto’s place. Their meeting was magical and the two hugged after several weeks.

Telemundo has banned broadcasts of what’s happening at the booth and will definitely be part of Wednesday’s broadcast of the party that airs at 7pm/6pm.

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Here you can see how I met Alicia Roberto.

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