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This is the flight schedule for October!

This is the flight schedule for October!

The Cuban airport authorities, affiliated with the company known as ECASA, announced, through their official channels, the flight schedule for the month of October, from Antonio Maceo International Airport in the city of Santiago de Cuba, east of the country. If it interests you, we’ll share it with you below.

According to this report, there are many regional links in the Caribbean. For example, InterCaribbean will continue to operate every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with a frequency to Kingston/Providencial Islands. While on Monday and Friday you will do this with two frequencies, always from Santiago.

Cuban AeroGaviota also flies to Jamaica from Santiago, which will continue to operate on Mondays and Fridays from Kingston, and only on Fridays from Havana.

Dominican Sky High will call in October from Santiago, every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to Santo Domingo, the capital of Quesque. During the competition, Dominican AIR CENTURY will continue to operate Mondays and Fridays in Santo Domingo.

More flights in October from Santiago de Cuba

Fly AllWays will continue to call Santiago on the following frequencies in October. Monday from Girona. Tuesday and Friday from Paramaribo. Saturday from Havana. The Haitian ship SUNRISE will continue its cruises on Monday and will depart on Tuesday to and from the capital of Haiti. Thursday with two flights, the last returning on Friday heading to Haiti.

The Venezuelan ship TURPIAL will continue to operate with Santiago de Cuba, every Tuesday and Wednesday to Venezuela. Such as AerolĂ­neas Estelar, which will call Venezuela every Friday on two frequencies.

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Finally, air connections with the United States are maintained on international flights. American Airlines continues daily flights to Miami, while Havanator flights remain that way: every Sunday and Thursday, also from Miami.

Regarding Cuban flights, national and international flights will continue in this way. Tuesday with two frequencies, the first to Havana and the second from Madrid to Havana. Fridays with two frequencies: Havana/Madrid and Santiago/Havana.