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This is the best time to file your asylum claim through CBP One

This is the best time to file your asylum claim through CBP One

Every day thousands of immigrants seek asylum through the CBP One mobile application. Most people fail and try for weeks, even months. It’s not easy to book an appointment this way; The reason is nothing but the exaggeration of the stage.

Most applicants spend months in Mexico awaiting their appointment and entry into the United States. However, there is a better time to book an appointment to present your case for political asylum later.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has revealed that the best time to request an appointment is 11 a.m. Central Time. This should be attempted every day, as shifts will be allotted to those who requested an earlier date during that interval.

Extended time to book appointments

As noted, CBP One expanded access to the app. The site allows you to place a request 23 hours a day. The period of use is from 11 am to 10 am the following day, always Central Time.

This change provides more time to schedule an appointment, however, it also means more competition among applicants.

Here we propose some suggestions for planning an asylum claim at CBP One. The first thing is an active account with CBP One, which will simplify the process. Prepare all personal information and have the necessary information like full name, date of birth and passport number handy.

Either way check the stability of your internet connection. When you try to book an appointment, it is essential that you have the signal right. Finally, be patient and persistent. Your persistence and persistence in the process will bring you the desired success.

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