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Cuban Immigrant Tells How He Got His Green Card in Just Three Months

Cuban Immigrant Tells How He Got His Green Card in Just Three Months

The case of a Cuban who entered the U.S. with an I-220A order is drawing attention to the plight of thousands of immigrants in their own right. The lucky person already has permanent residence (green card) in that country. The most interesting thing about this case is that he did not have to appear in immigration court.

Ernesto’s story, since his arrival in Kentucky, has been told by journalist Mario J. Bentone revealed in his article. profile From Facebook. Without a court date, Cuban chose an unconventional strategy: maintain good behavior and hope to find the right lawyer. Ernesto was properly counseled by immigration experts and chose not to seek asylum or explore other legal avenues.

The aforementioned Cuban applied for the Cuban Adjustment Act after staying in the United States for two years. In just three months he got a positive settlement of his case and now has a permanent residence at his disposal. You will have the legal and genuine option to naturalize the citizenship test within five years. Then you can apply for a US passport, one of the most powerful in the world.

Radical change

Ernesto told the journalist that having a green card was a complete change in life. “It will be a complete change for me, I have a US citizen son and his father needs to be a resident in order to work and get ahead.”

Immigrant encouraged all Cubans holding I-220A. “Don’t lose hope, it’s possible, you just have to find the right lawyers.” By the way, his legal representative, Ismail Labrador, opined that the work done in these cases is routine.

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Last September, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) issued an important ruling on the issue, the expert noted. The text explained that Form I-220A does not contain a Parole For purposes of the Cuban Adjustment Act.