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This is Jessica Ortiz, the voice of “La Jefa” in La Casa de los Famosos – Metro Puerto Rico

This is Jessica Ortiz, the voice of “La Jefa” in La Casa de los Famosos – Metro Puerto Rico

The famous househe Reality show From the series Telemundo In the United States, it sparked a lot of discussion on social networks due to the multiple disagreements that arose between the participants in the fourth season.

Among the participants is Maria del Pilar Rivera from Puerto Rico, known as “Maribelli.” In addition, Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera and Colombian beauty queen Ariadna Gutierrez, among other personalities from all over Latin America, will participate in the ceremony. reality.

However, one of the most prominent characters never shows her face on the show: “The Boss,” the voice who gives instructions and seeks order at La Casa de los Famosos. It's about Jessica OrtizWho is the voice of “La Jefa” who speaks to the participants of the program.

According to the magazine People in SpanishOrtiz is a Mexican dubbing actress who has worked in various projects.

“I started doing voice-overs when I was nine years old, and then around 15 I met a dubbing director and said, ‘I want to do dubbing,’” Ortiz said in an interview. “He laughed and everything, but I got my act together and started In studying acting, I studied and studied acting in the afternoon because I was already very involved in it and I became a dubbing actress little by little,” she said in March 2020 with ADR Networks.

Through his Instagram account, where he has more than 100,000 followers, Ortiz shares videos of the dubbing he did for the world of cinema. This is the voice of the animated movie Angie. In addition, she was also the voice of Jessie in Toy Story.

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Ortiz also shared photos on social media showing himself behind the scenes at Telemundo Studios where the film takes place. The famous house.