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Visita de AMLO en la ONU

This is AMLO’s UN visit: date, time and place

Mexico City /

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador Will attend the headquarters United Nations (UN) in New York, USA., Where Giving the message of corruption and inequality.

The president considered the trip to be short because he said the UN headquarters were not far away so he could go and return.

According to President Lopez Obrador, On Tuesday, November 9, he will deliver a live message From UN Headquarters.

Date, time and place

  • UN Headquarters in New York, USA
  • 08:00 hrs in Mexico and 10:00 hrs in New York
  • Tuesday, November 9th

“We left at noon on Monday and returned on Tuesday. We are not going to hold a conference here on Tuesday, but we are going to chair the UN Security Council.

“It will be At 10:00 a.m. in New York, I had no idea what the schedule was, and it would be recorded because it was the UN., I’m going to post them there The news will be broadcast live, It will be a direct link, ”the president said.

Mexico’s UN According to the agenda, Lopez will talk about Obrador on Tuesday Exclusion, Inequality and ConflictThe discussion on international peace and security is scheduled for November 16 and the President on November 22 Marcelo Ephraim Will lead the show Impact of diversion and arms smuggling for peace and insecurity.

about that The president’s second trip out of the countryThe first thing that happened was when I went to Washington in July 2020 to meet with the then President of the United States. Donald Trump.

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