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"They're going to see the entrance a little late, nothing more than that."

“They’re going to see the entrance a little late, nothing more than that.”

Government This Monday supported the restrictions imposed on Argentina going abroad Delta faces growing official concern about the progress of diversity, which has alerted local authorities and has already captured the social circulation of a good number of countries, even in Europe and the United States.

Some people who are able to go on vacation will find that their income is a bit late, nothing more than that“, He promised Clarian The National Director for Migration, Florence Carignano, is one of the government spokespersons on security. The measure came into effect this Monday, and limited Argentina’s entry to 600 From abroad via Ezeca Airport.

On the first day of regulation, which lasted until at least the next July 9, was officially authorized by the DNU government last week – its extension is almost a fact – it did not take long to resolve the controversy and increased passenger complaints, fearing it would get stuck outside the country.

“I’m moving, I’m trying to return to my country. My flight to Buenos Aires was canceled a few hours ago,” 28-year-old chef Alejandro Zacharias told the newspaper before leaving for Dallas, USA, but not to Buenos Aires, but to Miami: one of the victims of the new operations. He was traveling on American Airlines and they tried to solve the problem, but he says “returning to Argentina is not an option”.

Passengers arrive in Essaouira on the first day of stock for flights in Argentina. Photo by Luciano Dieberger.

Nicholas Merono, 38, who traveled from Barlows near Boston to New Hampshire a week ago, said: “I did not come on tour, I was not vaccinated, it was due to an emergency procedure.” He has no certainty about his return.

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Only two of Argentina’s stories of being affected by a resolution that in recent weeks or months left the country for tourism, work or study have caused a lot of trouble, especially in many cases, especially in the United States, for vaccination against Govt-19.

According to official information, More than 100 thousand Argentines who have traveled in recent times Outside the country, 43% did so for tourism. That is, before leaving Argentina, about 45,000 passengers signed the oath, changing their chances of entering territory as a result of the epidemic that has kept the world in suspense since the beginning of last year. .

“We are making reservations, we are asking the provinces for places to re-enter Argentina because we are so concerned about the delta diversity. We want to get the privilege of overseeing the economic, manufacturing and school activities above all else. This will last,” Karignano added to the newspaper.

In the morning, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) presented a public complaint about the executive’s decision, which directly affected an area already affected by the epidemic, and in recent months, showed some recovery.

A group of passengers arrive in Essex on the first day of flight restrictions Photo: Luciano Dieberger.

A group of passengers arrive in Essex on the first day of flight restrictions Photo: Luciano Dieberger.

“Argentina is the only country with a daily passenger limit. No other country has that,” said regional vice president Peter Serde.

The administrator’s statements compelled Gaza Rosada to publish a document with a list of countries – “hundred” – “with open borders with restrictions due to the progress of COVID-19”.

According to official figures, the United States and Spain are the two places where Argentines recently decided to leave the country. In fact, of the only three flights authorized to return this Monday, two were from those locations: Barcelona and Miami. Third Copa Airlines flight from Bogota.

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For example, this Tuesday, three planes allowed to land in Essex will arrive from Miami, Madrid and the Colombian capital.

In these ways, the government explained to the newspaper that Aerolinias Argentinas would not have priority in operations. As of July 11, the government had canceled 70% of flights. Of the 45 flights, 30 flights have already been canceled.

In the case of the United States, the option is explained by the travel associated with the dose application. In the coming days, in fact, passengers will be included in the box form related to immunization. However, they noted that this was through a “census”, but not because of the isolated measures provided by each jurisdiction.