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AMPR supports the Federal Secretary of Education's view of making classes "completely face-to-face"

AMPR supports the Federal Secretary of Education’s view of making classes “completely face-to-face”

Vector Bonila Sanchez, president of the Puerto Rico Teachers’ Association (AMPR), said Monday that classes should be “completely face-to-face” for the August semester.

In directed expressions Puerto Rico Metro, Commented Bonilla Sanchez, “We understand that every teacher knows that education should be from you to you.”

The head of AMPR said they had spoken with the executive secretary of the education department and that the process would be “in stages”.

Similarly, AMPR today met with Federal Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on federal funding allocated to classes, school infrastructure and education.

“We are going to be very vigilant about releasing federal funds so that those funds reach where they need to go,” said Bonilla Sanchez.

He commented that this first meeting was a “historic one” and hoped he would have more.

Similarly, Evelyn Dijesus, vice president of the American Teachers Federation, proposed that Cardona use these funds to increase teachers’ salaries.

Cardona today held meetings with Governor Pierre Luisi Urutia; Home Secretary for Education, Eliezer Ramos Pares; With the leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives, Jose Luis Dolmau and Raphael “Tadito” Hernandez; And with AMPR.

Also, Cardona will meet with George Hodok Acevedo, President of the University of Puerto Rico.

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