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They will bring science and technology closer to girls and boys

They will bring science and technology closer to girls and boys

Workshops on video games, robotics, drawing and solar energy monitoring will be part of the activities of the CUCEI Science and Technology Festival for Girls and Boys, scheduled for April 26, organized by University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering.

The campus academic secretary, Humberto Gutierrez Pulido, expressed that this activity will be implemented within the framework of International Day of Girls in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)Which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of April, with the aim of encouraging girls and women to focus their studies in these fields.

“This year’s slogan is “We celebrate Girls in ICT Leadership Day”To highlight the need for strong female role models in STEM fields.

She said that at CUCEI, although women's participation in high-skilled professions has increased around the world, their participation in ICT remains low.

“At CUCEI we have 19,500 students, and participation has been increasing, however Only 29 percent of those registered are womenIn professions related to these fields, they represent only 15 percent.

CUCEI Research Coordinator, Dr. Rosaura Hernandez Montelongo, reported that the festival consists of 15 free activities, 12 of which target girls and boys in pre-school, primary and secondary schools, and three focusing on high school youth.

“We have a workshop on video game science, observing light; We will have a share Friday Science Club CUCEIHe pointed to 3D printing workshops, playing with an inventor and two sustainable activities of CUCEI.

He said that it will be held from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and space is limited to 350 participants, while registration can be made using the form that will be published on CUCEI social networks.

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“In addition, they can register for “Earth Drawing” Competition, You can register your business electronically before April 23; The awards ceremony will be held during the festival. He pointed out that girls and boys in kindergartens and primary schools can participate with any technology.

“We will have Storytelling through infographics workshopWith the aim of teaching girls how to use infographics as a strategic resource for communicating ideas and suggestions, “Girls in Math Power with GeoGebra” workshop, “Which aims to learn mathematics using computer systems.”

He pointed this out On April 25, they will have a graduate school fair They invite STEM career students to be part of forming a new student chapter in this community.

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