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They weigh the luggage at the plane door

They weigh the luggage at the plane door

Many Cuban users on social networks complained that the Spanish airline World2Fly weighs their hand luggage before boarding the plane.

“Anyone who has recently flown with World2Fly, are you still following the baggage weight trend in the boarding area?” Requested Member of the Cubans group in Spain.

“This is how it is. They keep weighing everyone at the boarding gate. 15 days ago I traveled to Cuba and they were doing this.”

“Imagine they realized that after checking in, passengers put more things in their cabin bags and started weighing all their hand luggage. “Unfortunately, we Cubans don’t even have 10 bags to carry everything we need,” another Cuban wrote about what was happening.

According to the Spanish company, it is allowed to carry a piece of luggage as hand luggage on the plane. Acceptable measurements are 50cm x 40cm x 25cm and maximum weight is 10kg.

Likewise, it specifies that one additional item with dimensions less than 35 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm may be carried without an additional charge. In this case it could be a small bag, a women’s bag, or a photo or video camera. These should be placed under the seat.


Cuban users assert that this is a “budget” airline, with “modern and clean planes,” and that they should respect its policies.

However, others criticize that what is saved on a ticket to Cuba must then be spent recovering the luggage they left in Havana: “Then they tell you it doesn’t fit and send it back a week later, even though it’s checked.” In “too early”.

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Among other experiences, Kobe said: “My aunt went a week ago and had to leave things there at the boarding gate, things you can’t get back later even with a police report.”

“That’s lucky. I flew on the 4th and they didn’t weigh it for me. “Yes, this week they weighed everything and everything you buy in stores and at the airport, you have to keep it in your hand luggage,” there were two other comments.

Currently, World2Fly continues to operate during the month of October at the following international airports in Cuba: José Martí, in Havana, and Juan Gualberto Gómez, in Varadero. The basic fare at this time for the Madrid-Havana flight is approximately 300 euros.