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They support organizational progress in science and technology

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Havana, December 11 (ACN), Decree by Law No. 7 “On the System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SCTI)” has a comprehensive character that paves the way for a law necessary for the sector, Elba Rosa Perez Montoya said today. Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA).

During the activities day preceding the Tenth Ordinary Session of the Ninth Legislature of the National People’s Power Assembly (Parliament), members of the Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment Committee discussed the regulations.

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The minister explained that the Communications and Information Technology Commission has a virtual training hall with the aim of providing ways to study and implement the decree-law.

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Miguel Enrique Charbon, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Committee, noted that revitalizing the use of science and innovation is necessary for the development of regions, as there are still notable differences in the participation of people and entities that are able to contribute to this. to treat.

He stressed that addressing the national situation with its complications requires a complete vision supported by the results of science, technology and innovative experience.

Regarding the organization of the Higher Committee for Trade Research, he stated that it is gaining a prominent position in publishing management systems and operations, and progress can be seen in government support.

He said that the Technical Advisory Board acquires a leading role and its performance begins to influence the daily life and decision-making of key managers.

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But he pointed out that not all municipalities in the country have these entities and they are not operated even in every region, so it is a point that we must work on.

He also explained that the priorities are to form a provincial council for social and human sciences in provinces that do not yet have one, and to train all actors in government management based on science and innovation.