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Why do we feel cold when we have a fever: This is happening to your body

Why do we feel cold when we have a fever: This is happening to your body

Fever produces a Temporary increase in body temperature. However, most people experience a constant feeling of cold when they have a fever and this is due to various reasons.

First of all, we must remember that fever is one of the The body’s immune system responses to infection, as reported by the Mayo Clinic. It is not usually a cause for imminent concern, except in certain cases in children, when the fever goes away with the passage of days or with the provision of medicines that can bring it down.

Being an increase in body temperature, this It varies by person and time of day. The ideal average temperature is set at 37 degrees, so it is believed that if a person exceeds this number, then he already has a fever. Its symptoms may be as follows:

  • sweats.
  • chills and tremors
  • Headache.
  • myalgia
  • Anorexia
  • irritability
  • drying.
  • general weakness

Why do we feel cold when we have a fever?

In general, body temperature is The balance between heat production and heat loss., as reported by the Mayo Clinic. Therefore, by increasing the body temperature in a fever, imbalances occur in the body that can trigger other processes.

one of them in The feeling of cold that occurs when you have a fever. This may be due to the shivering that occurs when the body is trying to increase its temperature. The Mayo Clinic gives the following example: “When you wrap yourself in a blanket because you’re cold, you help the body retain heat.”

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Thus, the feeling of cold is due to The body’s response to a feveras the body temperature rises and even achieves balance.

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