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They revealed that Pique is upset that his children start school on April 11 in Miami

Shakira About to turn the page in his life after him separated fromGerrard PiqueGood Finally he will leave Barcelona to live in Miami.

Originally, the Colombian’s move to the American continent was planned for the beginning of the year, however, the his father’s health problems They caused that date to be pushed back.

Inspite of that It was believed that Shakira’s trip with her children to her new home will take place on Saturdaythe date has been moved again but it will happen in a few days.

Shakira, about to go to Miami

According to Mamarazis, on Friday, the artist’s lawyer, Pilar Mani, informed her colleague Ramon Tamburero, Pique’s lawyer, that He leaves Spain forever.

Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa manage to find out that lThis step will take place during Holy Week since Milan and Sasha will start at their new school on April 11th.

Pique, angry that they warned him with so little time

Citing sources about Gerard Pique, Mamarazzis reports that the former Barcelona footballer andHe is troubled by this situation: “He is very angry because I warned him so soon.”

They also indicated that although notice of the transfer had already been made through their attorney, The singer also communicated by phone with Gerard to tell her that her children already have them A place at Miami Country Day, an exclusive school.

As detailed, in addition to the inconvenience of changing the place of residence of their children, “He doesn’t know exactly what day they will move to Miami,” he said. Revealed in scoop fa and vasquez.

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“The footballer does not agree with the fact that the youngsters do not complete the school year at Barcelona”They added.

“It remains to be seen if Shakira will travel first with the kids, and if their parents will drop in once they’re inaugurated,” Lorena Vasquez said.

The fact that Shakira and her children left for Miami during Holy Week is no coincidence, there are two reasons: one is This year it is up to the Colombian to have children during these daysas agreed by the previous partner

The other reason is that April 11th is when kids are in the US Back to school after spring break.