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The video shows when Yailin La Más Viral gets into a fight with a journalist in a beauty salon

The video shows when Yailin La Más Viral gets into a fight with a journalist in a beauty salon

Yailin “most popular” is again a topic of conversation. On this occasion, a video was revealed of the vigorous quarrel he had with the Dominican journalist Mi Vélez, known as Fogon. The events took place in the Riva beauty salon, in the Sampel shopping center, located in Santo Domingo.

The photos were revealed on the entertainment show, I Know It All, on June 5. At the time, she was subtitled “Just You and Me” in the last trimester of her pregnancy.

In the footage, a woman with a white wig and a pregnant condition is observed, who has been identified as the “most viral” Yailin.

The lawsuit escalated to the courts, and four months later, the show revealed the rapper’s assault video of the caller.

It all started when the two people were in the same organization. Yailin was talking to someone from the hairdresser and recognized Fogón who was in front of her.

Suddenly, the Dominicans approached the caller and “went into blows, hair pulled and insults”. According to the entertainment program, Yalin’s sister, “Mami Kim”, was also in the beauty salon, who joined the fight.

Apparently, the quarrel arose because the presenter repeatedly “slandered” the singer and “criticized her personal life” on her social networks.

After the fight, Fogon denounced the singer on January 20 in front of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Vila Joana, in the National District, for the attacks that occurred on January 19 in the Sambil shopping center.

The National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF) released a certificate revealing that Yalin also experienced “multiple assaults in his arms.”

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Processing of the legal document was ordered on the morning of January 20, one day after the fighting. There it was determined that the rapper was pregnant and had “several lacerations in the right and left forearm, bruising and inflammation in the left hand.”