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They refuse to extend the decree legalizing chocolate cars

They refuse to extend the decree legalizing chocolate cars

After on Wednesday, the Minister of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Aisela Rodríguez, announced a sixth extension of the deadline for the legalization of chocolate cars, the Mexican Automobile Distributors Association (AMDA) rejected the decision and accused corruption surrounding the decree.

The association, which brings together sellers of more than 62 car brands, said the decree would legalize what is illegal for another 3 months.

From March 1 to September 26, the decree allowed 1,803,058 chocolate cars to obtain license plates, an amount that exceeds about 100,000 new registration units sold in a similar period.

According to the SSPC, the regulation contributes to improving public safety by including these vehicles in the Public Vehicle Register (Repuve), allowing their owners to be identified and preventing their use in illegal activities.

However, Guillermo Rosales Zarate, CEO of AMDA, rejected this argument in statements presented today, and even accused corruption: “The justification for extending such a decree is that these units are not used for illegal activities when in reality they are mostly used by criminals.” Stolen items. Latest vehicle models.

“This is without mentioning the corruption that still prevails among officials at all levels to allow illegal entry into the country, movement in urban areas and roads under federal jurisdiction, as well as sales in flea markets and city streets,” he denounced.

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The head of citizen security confirmed that the collection of 1.8 million cars led to the collection of more than 4.507 million pesos, which is the money allocated for paving streets in various states of the country.

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Rodriguez Velasquez also stressed that this effort not only contributes to improving transportation routes, but technological and security improvements are also being made in the hologram of Public Vehicle Registration (Repuve) to enhance vehicle identification.

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