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They do not want him either in France or abroad

They do not want him either in France or abroad

In 2017, Emmanuel Macron had become president of france, Driven by society’s disillusionment with traditional parties. It’s only been six years since then, which is a short period, but in politics it can be a very long time.

Any unpopular action, any controversy, or any controversial decision can happen Affect popularity From an elected position. For example, 45 days lasted Liz Truss As Prime Minister United kingdom In 2022.

Emmanuel Macron is experiencing a sensitive moment as President of France. (Photo by Filippo Monteforte/AFP via Getty Images)

A few months ago, Macron had reasserted his position for another five years, having comfortably beaten the party Right-wing extremist Marine Le Pen (58.5% vs. 41.5%). But beyond this specific victory, the president’s relationship with French society has always been that way It was a bit volatile.with constant ups and downs.

And in memory it remains Massive yellow vest protests Or controversial reforms, e.g That pensions This prompted thousands of people to take to the streets to express their discontent. Government always to the extent that has been maintained over time because the main alternative was a Right-wing extremist executive A red line at the moment for the Gauls.

He knew Macron Navigating this climate of stress Permanent internal affairs and was very active in international politics. After the withdrawal of active policy Angela Merkel in GermanyHe has emerged as a key leader of the European Union, making his voice heard at global summits and forums. Thanks to his great charisma, he knew how to build a very strong image.

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Protests against Macron's reforms to the retirement system in France.  (AP Photo/Michelle Spengler)

Protests against Macron’s reforms to the retirement system in France. (AP Photo/Michelle Spengler)

But it is possible that we are living now One of the most sensitive moments Whether in national or international politics since his arrival at the Elysee Palace.

According to the latest surveysJust 30% of the French approve of his administrationWhile 68% believe that they are not doing a good job. These numbers are very far Of the approval rate he obtained, which amounted to 55% In his first months in office and very close to the 24% in 2018, his lowest point in his history as president. What is perceived is Community drain towards his character, even though he still has four years left in government. The time can be very long.

other polls, As is the case with Morning Consultthey carry Numbers: 23% approval One of the lowest rates among all leaders on the planet.

Criticism in Africa

He had not previously compensated him with his money international projection, Now he doesn’t get it. The European Union is experiencing a peak moment economic weakness, With many countries on the verge of recession, the 27 countries are losing importance in a global scenario where… China or India They take up more and more space.

Because of colonialism, France has always been Great influence in AfricaBut what the French president is facing in recent months is… Growing rejection. That was important Morocco He did not accept Macron’s help after that Serious earthquake Which was recently tried. Other surrounding countries, e.g Spain or the United KingdomYes, they were welcome.

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Their multi-country tour in early 2023 wasn’t much better either, with boos and tensions in countries like Gabon or Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the end, he even received criticism from his boss regarding “French paternalism.”

Thus, at the same time as in France, it continues to lose support, to the point that at the moment it has some Hypothetical parliamentary elections It will be the third political force, at the international level, that is no longer able to play an effective and influential role as it was until recently.

Will he be able to change this situation? Intuitively, it does not seem simple, because what is normal in politics is the character of elected officials Deteriorates With the passage of time. With possible Economic crisis On the horizon and with so much time left until the end of his term, a comeback that almost no one believes in seems complicated.

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