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They kill a motorcyclist who is vacationing on the island

They kill a motorcyclist who is vacationing on the island

A motorcyclist vacationing on the island was killed this morning while traveling along the 6.9 kilometer stretch of the PR-642 highway in the La Villamil sector in Florida.

According to the preliminary investigation, at 2:46 a.m. this Monday, 22-year-old Natanael González López was leaving the festivities for the patron saint of Barcelona and was traveling on another motorcycle through the remote area. They saw some lights in the middle of the road.

The gunmen opened fire on the youth using an AR-15 rifle, killing him on the spot as he passed through the area.

González López, who has no criminal record, had a ticket to return to the United States today at a factory in Arlington, Georgia, explained Lt. Carlos Velez, director of the Arecibo Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC).

“Now we don’t have cell phones, at that time they might be preparing to rob or ‘carjack’ or they might have followed them for some unknown reason, that’s why we’re looking for security cameras. I went down that path before we got to that secluded area,” Lt. Velez explained.

The accused fled on their gray Honda CRF-450 motorcycle with license plate number 265525M.

The deceased was staying at a relative’s house in Florida.

Today, interviews with relatives and relatives look for clues as to what might have happened.

Agent Carlos Cruz Roman of the Homicide Unit of the Criminal Investigation Squad (CIC) in Arecibo and prosecutor Ilia Reichert Moran investigated the scene.

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