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A thief is ignored when he tries to rob a beauty salon.  Video

A thief is ignored when he tries to rob a beauty salon. Video

In AmericaMaybe they found a way to put one Stop the crimeA good one Thief who entered one Aesthetics in Atlanta To do his misdeeds, he looked ridiculous because he failed to achieve his objective thanks to Customers and managers of the venue.

What happened to aesthetics? | Video

It was created through social networks Viral The video you are watching is a Color material Enter the beauty salon Shouting and threatening For those who were on that site.

“Everybody down! Give me your money! Take it out of your pocket! Give me your money!”, cried the convicts; However, everyone at the beauty parlor decided ignore Signs of an Alien Lover

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, the thief approached the manager of the beauty salon Give him all the money he hadBut he also did not listen to him, he also got up from his place and went away.

Seeing that his heist didn’t go as planned, The culprit came out of aesthetics He also fled the area in a car identified by the police Atlanta.

Criminal information reward

After the video went viral, Crime Stoppers Atlandto do He said that he will provide A prize of two thousand dollars To a person who provides information that leads to the capture of an attacker who has undoubtedly made a fool of himself.

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