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They file a complaint with Europol against partners and MPs allied with Alex Saab

They file a complaint with Europol against partners and MPs allied with Alex Saab


Carlos Lezcano, Alex Saab and Alvaro Pulido, the operator of the clapping business, and the MPs who secretly traveled in 2019 to defend Alex Saab's business with Chavismo, have been reported to Europol.


The deputies named in the complaint are Luis Parra, Jose Brito, Adolfo Soberlano, Conrado Perez, Haim Bucaram, and Richard Arteaga. They are accused of making the trip secretly for the purpose of laundering the business of Saab and Álvaro Pulido, specifically those related to the Chavista system and the Local Supply and Production Commissions (CLAPs).

The complaint also includes Carlos Rolando Lezcano Manrique, who is identified as the Saab and Pulido operator at the Clap business. According to the document, in 2019, those involved had hired the services of a law firm in Spain, and did not pay it the agreed upon fees.

The law firm, which is now denouncing the deputies, asserts that they handed over “false documents” with the aim of “legitimizing capital” and “validating acts of corruption.” The complaint details that lawmakers attempted to launder “1.1 billion euros” in operations linked to “Applause” and sought to open accounts in European banks.

Among the companies mentioned in the complaint are Group Grand Limited and Mulberry Proje, both linked to the Alex Saab and Alvaro Pulido network. Also mentioned is Max Power Engineering Limited, linked to Venezuelan businessmen Miguel Angel Gonzalez Biaggioni and Fernando Bermudez Ramos.

Europol authorities have launched an investigation into this case, which could have implications at both the national and international levels.

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