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Maduro warned Guyana of claims in Essequibo

Maduro warned Guyana of claims in Essequibo

Tenth: @PresidentialVen

Nicolas Maduro highlighted the importance of the Chavista National Assembly in the popular consultation process on Guiana Esquipa, highlighting that it played an “essential role” in strengthening Venezuela’s position and reaching a great agreement.


“The National League played an essential role, through the referendum to consult with the people on Guiana Esquipa, which allowed us to have a very large force, and we reached a great agreement,” he added.

In response to tensions in the region, Maduro also stressed that Venezuela is a country of peace and tranquility. “Venezuela is not 1902, it is a country of peace and tranquility to continue working for economic growth,” he said.

However, Maduro warned the Guyana government against misunderstandings regarding the Venezuelan position in the regional dispute. “Let no one be fooled, starting with the Government of Guyana, they are behaving like the old British Guiana, make no mistake about Venezuela, I am telling you kindly.”

The Chavista leader concluded his intervention by emphasizing Venezuela's ability to defend its interests. “Make no mistake about us,” he declared, “we know how to defend what is ours.”

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