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They create UdeG’s dependence on the Environmental Science Museum

They create UdeG’s dependence on the Environmental Science Museum

Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The University General Council approved Environmental Science Museum It exists as a university unit attached to the Academic Secretariat of the Telagomulco University Center and its academic program is also accredited.

Director General of the University of Guadalajara (Odig), Ricardo Villanueva Lomeli explained, “This means progressing so that, despite not having a completed headquarters, Environmental Science Museum Obtaining legal and academic support To train students.

“In fact, it has now been born as a research centre, an academic centre, and has already been given legal life within a university centre, and therefore today it has been born in CUTlajomulco Such as university dependency. As we said, it is a The project was designed more than two decades ago12 years of work in many activities carried out by this museum.

He explained that now, so that we can finish the ground floor of this museum, it is now being given institutional life and given to it at the University Center of Lajomulco (CUTlajomulco).

  • he Environmental Science Museum He still has to allocate the 140 million pesos that Governor Enrique Álvaro Ramírez withdrew from him, and regarding this issue, the rector announced that he will review the matter next week with the head of the executive branch.

“I’m looking forward to next week.” You have a meeting with the governor. I know we have a meeting pending. His office and I agreed on an appointment to see the governor.

“He sought me out that day to start looking at the budget issue and I hope to meet next week.”

Villanueva Lomeli noted that the pending funds could Inclusion in the 2024 budget of the UdeG Or even waiting for the constitutional debate that… Odig Before the State Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN).

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“If it is necessary 140 million pesos The court resolves it, and let it resolve there. I think it’s time to start looking at the 2024 budget and we will defend these 140 million through legal means.I finish.