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“One in every €4 spent on social media does not provide value in terms of health and wellbeing,” says one expert.

“One in every €4 spent on social media does not provide value in terms of health and wellbeing,” says one expert.

Madrid, October 27 (European Press) –

“One in every 4 euros spent in the national health system does not provide value in terms of health and well-being,” said researcher at the Foundation for Health and Biomedical Research of the Valencian Community (FISABIO), Salvador Pirro, and that between 5 and 10 percent of it could be wasted. Total expenditure on health.

He referred to these terms during his speech during one of the thematic agendas of the 39th Congress of the Spanish Society for Quality in Healthcare, held in Murcia. The expert there pointed to various sources of waste, from failure to provide care, to errors in coordination, administrative complexity, excessive prices due to monopoly and patent issues, fraud, abuse, mismanagement or overuse, among others.

Pierro emphasized that waste is not just the cost per use, “it is also the cost of therapeutic failure and adverse reactions.” For example, he commented that 1.7 million emergency department admissions occur “due to adverse events.” In this regard, he pointed out that there are many studies that reveal this waste.

First, the cost of overutilization can exceed 10% of total national health system expenditures. And I provided some data, because for example, studies in SNS, depending on the hospitals, give numbers ranging from 1 to 24 percent of unnecessary surgeries for cataracts, 12 percent for knee arthroplasty, and 5 to 14 percent for hip arthroplasty. He added, “Up to a third of the radiological examinations performed in hospitals will be inappropriate.”

In Biro’s opinion, there is “too little information to determine the impact of this variety of elements (from organizational failures to mismanagement, through others) in terms of waste, but it would not be far-fetched to guess what could mean between 5% and 10%.” % of total health expenditure, although it may partly overlap with expenditure from other sources of waste.

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With all this data on the table, he says a certain amount of waste may be inevitable, “but resources are always taken away from caring for other patients.”

In this regard, Pedro Parra Hidalgo, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, who managed this thematic committee, said that “Quality must be the spearhead of the transformation of the health system; it is essential as a horizon for action.” He concluded in his opinion that “full cycles of evaluation and improvement “Missing.”