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They caught the Salvador gang wanted by the United States - Prinza Libre

They caught the Salvador gang wanted by the United States – Prinza Libre

This Good Friday, Ruben Antonio was having breakfast at a restaurant in Retellhulo, Chamberlain, very close to the Metrono Beach. He was getting ready to spend a day near the sea like any other vacationer.

However, Metrono, now 56, is a member of a gang that is considered extremely dangerous. He was originally from El Salvador and it is not known how long he was in Guatemala.

Metrono is not only searched in El Salvador. He is also wanted by the United States because he was arrested and convicted of crimes involving a criminal group and entering the country illegally.

Guatemala’s National Civil Police (PNC), in conjunction with L.C.

Face the problem

The presence of members of the Salvador gang is increasing due to the actions taken by President Naib Pukele in that country.

Therefore, security officials Guatemala And Savior To talk about last Monday, April 11, a work meeting was held at La Hachadura Customs Coordinating security and counter-insurgency operations.

The meeting was attended by officials including Guatemalan Interior Minister David Napoleon Periandos, Defense Minister Henry Reyes Sigua and Migration Director Stuart Rodriguez.

Participating on behalf of El Salvador, Minister of Justice and Public Security Gustavo Villadoro; René Merino Monroy, Minister of Defense; Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, director of the National Civil Police (PNC); Ricardo Ernesto Gugalan, Director General of Immigration and Emigration and Samanti Martinez is Director General of Customs.

Officials consulted on issues including Security, migration and gangs must continue to work together.