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One hundred and three people from the same school in New Jersey were diagnosed with brain cancer Univision 41 New York WXTV

To this day, 103 people Al Lubiano alumnus reports having primary brain tumor at Colonia High School in New Jersey

Lupiano, a former resident of Woodbridge Township, where the school is located in Colonia, two hours from New York City, has drawn attention to the issue. Was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

When he began his investigation, there were only three cases, and then the figures grew, and he confirmed 65. And all with one common class: patients or students at Colonia Preparatory School in Woodbridge. Township, New Jersey.

Of the 103 people diagnosed with brain cancer, he, his sister and his wife

In August last year, Lubiano’s trial was very personal, and his sister received word that he was there. A stage 4 cleoplastoma-like tumor, Something very aggressive. Two hours later came the news that his wife had a primary tumor in her brain.

When his sister died last month, an alumnus of the school, now working as an environmental scientist, posted a message on his Facebook account asking his followers if they knew of any cancer cases related to the Cologne Preparatory School.

On April 11, Lupiano released an update on his response to the news: β€œAt 10/4 midnight on Sunday, I recorded the 100th case of someone with a primary brain tumor. I never thought I would reach this milestone in my nightmare.

He added: β€œ100 people have changed their lives forever. 100 families will be given terrible news. 100 stories of trauma and despair in diagnosis. I pray to find the answers.

He says cancer cases are linked to the Manhattan Project

He believes uranium accumulated from the old facility may have polluted the water or soil in the school.

There was also a radioactive rock on the school grounds For three decades, following a teacher’s warning in the 1990s, it says, before it was withdrawn it was dangerous for children.

“Doctors said they had never seen my cancer before, it was very rare, or only in people who had been exposed to radiation in childhood and lived near the nuclear power plant that polluted their water.” , He promises. .

Now there are 103 cancer patients from the same school, he says. Most of these were found in graduates between 1975 and 2000. However, other objectives such as the 2014 graduate have been reported recently.

Teachers and parents are concerned about the impact of cancer

Joseph Landolfi, medical director of the JFK Medical Center in Edison and its director of neuro-oncology, told NJ Spotlight News this week, “The community suspects cancer and wants to investigate it. I think it’s very reasonable. Demand.” But to date, there are no environmental factors that can cause brain tumors. “

As Lubiano put it, Landolfi believes there is insufficient evidence to support the fear that diseases are caused by exposure to high levels of radiation.

Meanwhile, NJ.com reports that current and former teachers, staff and students at Colonia High School are deeply concerned about the situation. And some teachers are considering medical tests, while many parents are wondering if they can pull their children out of school.

He called Joseph Massimino, the district superintendent of Univision 41 Township School, and wrote a letter to find out what the district was doing about it, but had not yet heard.

Colonia Preparation School has 1,335 students.

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