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They capture from Puerto Rico the emergence of a new star |  Present

They capture from Puerto Rico the emergence of a new star | Present

A starburst discovered on August 8 in the constellation Ophiuchus, or Ophiuchus, created a double star that requires telescopes to see, and is now visible to the naked eye from dark places.

It’s RS Ophiuchi, a star located about 5,200 light-years away, and one of dozens of stars that have strangely appeared outbursts on several occasions, so they have been classified as a “recurrent nova.”

This happens when a white dwarf orbits a red giant star very close, and when some of the layers of gas migrate from the big star or reach the young star, the accumulation of gases can cause a “nova”, that is, an explosion. It can later be seen from Earth as a sudden increase in the brightness of the star, as explained by the Astronomy Society of the Caribbean (SAC).

An image taken of Aguadilla by EfraĆ­n Morales, of SAC, shows the now bright star that can currently be seen without optical aid.

“It is likely that she will be visible as a ‘new star’ for several days or weeks,” the organization said.

The educational entity indicated that “RS Ophiuchi” can be seen with the naked eye from dark places towards the south, around 9:00 pm, and the constellation Ophiuchus is located near Sagittarius and Scorpio.

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