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They booed Jahritza and his essence in the Zocalo |  video

They booed Jahritza and his essence in the Zocalo | video

A call for forgiveness for the Yahritza y Su Esencia group Performed by Andres Manuel López ObradorPresident of Mexico, did not resonate among an important part of those present at the independence cry ceremony, who They booed the guys at their presentation.

to Like during the Aarey festivalThe Martinez brothers’ opinions were divided among those present, because although it was not a general rejection, Yes, there were several people who showed up against With snoring and a cry of “Get out, get out!”This prompted organizers to increase the volume of speakers to try to calm things down.

At the invitation of the country’s president, they briefly participated in the celebrations marking the 213th anniversary of the beginning of Mexican independence, and although they tried to do so in the most professional way, They failed to penetrate the taste of those present.

Even a performance of “Frágil”, one of his greatest songs ever heard by the media, could not quell the rejection that some have had roots in. Comments criticizing Mexican foodPlus the routine in Mexico City.

They thanked Amlo

Despite the bad times they had, Jahritza and her brothers Armando and Jiro They were grateful for the opportunity to participate in this huge event Which was held in the country’s capital.

“Thank you, President AMLO, for having us here tonight. Thank you very much, it is appreciated, it is an honor to be here before you tonight. Long live science, thank you very much. Long live Mexico, of course!“.