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They arrested a “bank robber” in Santa Clara

They arrested a “bank robber” in Santa Clara

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Monday, June 10, 2024

Cuban police arrested an alleged “bank robber” in the Jose Martí neighborhood of Santa Clara, in Villa Clara.

The official file of the Fuerza del Pueblo recounted how a guard who was returning home from guard duty witnessed the red-handed arrest of someone who was “robbing a bank” in the community.

The aforementioned seat is made of granite, as can be seen in the attached photos. The unique post sparked laughter among followers of the aforementioned profile, due to the concentration of information.

Police found five benches that had previously been stolen from the park. They point out that the young man suffered from a “lack of empathy and immaturity,” and that these traits in his personality led him to commit the act that violates urban heritage.

The alleged “bank robber” admitted his involvement in the crime.


The theft of park benches reflects a disturbing disrespect for public spaces and community heritage. These types of actions not only damage urban infrastructure, but also affect the community that uses these spaces for recreation and rest.

It is necessary for the authorities to strengthen surveillance and take more stringent measures to protect public assets. In addition, it is necessary to enhance citizens’ awareness of the importance of caring for and respecting shared spaces for the benefit of all.

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