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They are investigating the movements in Uruguay of those accused in the Cuadernos case

They are investigating the movements in Uruguay of those accused in the Cuadernos case

The mega-cause of the memos sparked an investigation in Uruguay.

(From Montevideo, Uruguay) The Uruguay’s Financial Information and Analysis Unit (UIAF)It belongs Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU)A data analysis was carried out in a database it owned, which allowed it to know that some of the defendants in the Argentine mega-case, known as the “K notebooks”, carried out activities in Uruguay. Montevideo Portal.

In 2020, the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires confirmed the cases of financiers, notaries and pioneers. Carolina BocchettiWidow of Daniel Muñoz, former Argentine president’s private secretary Nestor Kirchner. A judicial investigation verified that the defendants helped launder money by purchasing real estate worth a total of US$70 million from April 2010 to December 2015.

It appears in this illegal activity Pablo Mario Ripple Gods, and in this case he was prosecuted for his alleged involvement in the crime of money laundering. An Argentine judge seized it for 180,000 Argentine pesos.

Rippel was later detained along with his brother-in-law Victor Manzanares, Kirchner’s former accountant revealed details about real estate operations, how the purchases and sales of companies were carried out, and the role of the former private secretary to the president in conducting money laundering. That year, the now-accused had already begun to be investigated by the country’s judicial authorities.

Uruguay’s central bank informed the prosecutor’s office about the notebooks case

In this framework, BCU UIAF conducted its own investigation. That office of the Uruguayan Comptroller was able to establish those people”“They maintained many products and carried out financial activities” in the country, according to a document published by the Uruguayan portal. Investigation revealed that these maneuvers were carried out between 2009 and 2022. Activities with real estate were registered in the Maldonado department, the document added.

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The information division utilizes product and customer sites and centralized databases, among other sources, to obtain information as per the documentation provided by it. The data was submitted to the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Money Laundering.With a view to carrying out relevant tests to ensure that those involved have achieved Money laundering in Uruguay.

As of 2020, nothing is known about the context of the financiers, notaries and other individuals who helped Pochetti buy more than 20 properties in the United States to get USD 70 million from Argentina. According to the BCU investigation, that amount was invested in properties in the island paradise of Turks and Caicos and other countries, now including Uruguay.

The mega cause of notebooks is about to celebrate six years since it burst onto the scene. The Federal Court of Criminal Cassation twice urged to speed up the oral hearing In the case in which former President Cristina Fernandez was accused, and decided to open the complaint filed by the defense of the merchants, they can analyze whether they should be part of the future debate. Infobay Days ago. The three businessmen say the money Fernandez gave to government officials was a “campaign contribution.”