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These storage bags will let you quickly organize your closet for just $5

Winter is still here, but if you’re already thinking about spring cleaning, you’ll need to get a head start. In this case, we found exactly what you need to change your winter and summer wardrobe and keep everything super organized. These six packs of Fab Totes storage bags “Changing the rules of the game in terms of organizationAnd they are on sale for just $30, only $5 a piece!

6 Fab Totes Garment Storage Bags. (photo: Amazon)

$29 $41 on amazon

Made of durable canvas to keep your gear protected, these storage bags feature a clear window so you can quickly find what you need. Each one has a capacity of 60 liters, which means you’ll have plenty of space to store clothing, bedding, miscellaneous accessories, and just about anything else.

These bags are moisture resistant and breathable, so they can keep your belongings in perfect condition. Plus they feature stainless steel two-way zippers that won’t snag or break. Thanks to the side handles, you can move it around with ease and it also folds up when you don’t need it so you can store it conveniently.

¡  Buy 15 or 20 of these bags and invite the whole family to participate in a giant game of Tetris!  (photo: Amazon)

Buy 15 or 20 of these bags and invite the whole family to join a giant game of Tetris! (photo: Amazon)

Perhaps best of all, these bags are stackable so you can really make the most of the space you have. I don’t have enough words to express how these containers changed my life. Said a happy buyer. “They are useful for reorganizing your closets, bedroom, or any other room in the house. They are sturdy and stackable. I recommend them.”

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“I was really surprised by the fact that these canvas storage bags keep their shape. I was also amazed by how large they are.” someone else wrote. “I used them to store blankets, beach towels, and duvets. They also stack very well. I really like that the sides are see-through so you can see what’s inside without opening them.”

A third buyer wrote: I was surprised that they came so compact in the box before opening! When I opened them up I saw they had plenty of storage space, well made, and I love the transparent front so I can see what’s inside! And easy!”

A pack of six bags would normally be $42, but now you can get them for just $30. And if you want or don’t need a lot more storage space, these bins are also available in packs of two, three, four, and eight.

No one likes to start summer or winter with moldy, moth-eaten, or wrinkled textiles. Here’s how to avoid this cross-class headache.

$29 $41 on amazon

Rebecca Carhart

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