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These are the secrets to cooking meat from Chef Jose Luis Ronquillo, and it feels like a restaurant

These are the secrets to cooking meat from Chef Jose Luis Ronquillo, and it feels like a restaurant

Secrets of seasoning meat for hamburgers by Chef José Luis Ronquillo: they are tender and restaurant-like / Photos: Arturo Alvarado and The Palm

Craving a burger? We share with you Meat seasoning secrets from Chef Jose Luis Ronquillo, Who runs The Palm, a Steak & Lobster House restaurant where you can enjoy New York-style cuisine.

In this restaurant you will find USDA high quality meatSo do not hesitate to visit them because you will be surprised by their delicious dishes and huge quantities. Directly to Paladar México we were able to taste Classic Prime Burger.

This delight consists of 400g of New York ribeye and filet mignon with cheese which can be cheddar, gouda or blue danish and served on top of a soft brioche bun with french fries.

If you want to know the full review of The Palm and see what else we tried, we’re sharing the video:

@directoalpaladarmx The Classic Prime burger at The Palm is as delicious as it is difficult to finish alone, so it’s also a perfect excuse to invite your crush over. @Arturo Alvarado. 📍Address: Campos Elíseos 218, Polanco CDMX. ⌚️Working hours: Monday-Saturday: 1-11:30 PM and Sunday: 1-8 PM 💸Average ticket: $800. #tictokfood #kitchenentiktok #Hamburger #Giant_Burger #hamburgersthepalm #Cheese Burger ♬ Red Hot Spicy Sauce Part 2 (1222874) – Hamadayama Music Lab

What are the secrets of marinating meat for hamburgers from Chef Jose Luis Ronquillo

What are the secrets of seasoning meat for hamburgers by Chef Jose Luis Ronquillo? Chef Jose Luis Ronquillo emphasized that to get a tender and delicious hamburger, you must do the following:

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  • Balancing the fat in the meat, which will ultimately give it flavor.
  • The Classic Prime Burger prepared in the Palm contains salt as a seasoning in the meat mixture from 12 to 14 grams per kilo of meat.
  • The meat is refrigerated so that it does not decompose for at least 3 hours before shaping.
  • The meat is transferred to the grill, where it will be turned just once on each side and cooked half to three-quarters way.
  • In this part of the process, thanks to the heat, the marbling (or fat) of the meat will melt so that it remains in the meat.
  • In this step, you will place the cheese of your choice on the gratin, and while you remove the meat from the grill, it will be left to rest for a few minutes so the juices inside can settle better.
@thepalmmx Chef Jose Luis reveals to us The Palm Restaurant’s secret to achieving the perfect finishing touch on hamburger meat 🥩🥩🍔🍔 Write it down! #recipe #fyp #kitchenhack #Secret #scdmx restaurants #cdmx #palm trees ♬ original sound – The Palm Mexico City

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