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These are the new functions that are about to arrive on Samsung phones – teach me about science

These are the new functions that are about to arrive on Samsung phones – teach me about science

Technology doesn't stop at anything and Samsung he knows. Recently, a new update to its operating systems will arrive, which will bring with it new tools, including artificial intelligence. Here we tell you more about it.

The progress the world of technology has made over the past few decades has been tremendous. Well, we have moved from very basic technological devices to smart devices capable of supporting artificial intelligence.

Such is the case with Samsung's latest launches, many of which have caused a stir in the tech community due to their amazing functionality.

Recently, Samsung informed its community of the launch of the latest update to its Android operating system, One UI 6.1, which is a very noticeable development for all the software that Samsung uses on its latest devices.

One UI 6.1 is the latest version of the system from Samsung and, more specifically, the recently released Samsung Galaxy S24, but of course, this will arrive for other high-end devices of the brand.

Samsung announced that this new update will work with the Android 14 operating system, so it will be compatible with its latest versions on smart devices.

What is special about this new version of the system used by Samsung is that One UI 6.1 will use Galaxy AI as a base, which is the artificial intelligence that Samsung programmers developed specifically for the company.

Thanks to the use of Samsung's latest technologies, some of the new tools and improvements that we can find with One UI 6.1 will be:

Better battery performance

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This will be achieved by using a system that helps the cell phone stop at 85% of charge when charging, to give it a more useful life and maintain its safety.

Image credit: El Universal

New animation

You can customize the main menu interface by adding new animations by default.


An enhanced functionality will be included with which you can create popular stickers that can be used in WhatsApp, Instagram and other applications.


This is one of the best added tools, where you can use a real-time translator that will help you understand other languages ​​during your calls.

Animated effects

Weather animations can be integrated into the main menu interface for a more futuristic experience.

Audio improvements

The new update and new Samsung devices will come with a tool through which you can cancel external noise during the call, and thus you can isolate your voice from all the noise surrounding you.


Multimedia content creation by artificial intelligence is one of the most popular situations today. Samsung has managed to add a function with which we can create our own wallpapers with the help of artificial intelligence.


The performance, layout and way of classifying notes on your Samsung smartphone will become optimal.

Photography editing

In this section, the functionality has been added with which you can add images to another project easily and quickly.

Likewise, an internal tool has been added with which you will be able to enlarge photos and images on your cell phone beyond what they measure, as well as the ability to move them to any folder within your Samsung device.

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These are just some of the functions and improvements that will be included in the new Samsung updates, which were promised in the first months of 2024 and are now known to be released alongside its new device, the Samsung Galaxy S23.

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