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These are the differences between golden chilangas and Oaxacan tlayudas

We already knew that Opening of AIFA It was accompanied by a sea of ​​conflicting opinions, but what we never thought was that the news would be sold out blue corn pancakes – In case you are confused by several mediums TlayudasIn the new airport car park.

And so as not to confuse these delicacies of Mexican gastronomy, in existing We explain the difference between tlayudas and doraditas. The only thing we can tell you is that both doraditas and tlayudas are delicious. Which do you like more?

This is Doña Carmen . Black Corn Pancakes

Doraditas or also known as “toluqueño huarache” is originally from the capital of Mexiquense and is considered a typical dish of Toluca. The base is cracked black corn, then topped with a generous portion of the fried beans. Then nopales, coriander, cheese, onions and of course a few drops of green or red sauce are added.

And “Doraditas” in recent days has been in the eyes of the media thanks to what happened at AIFA. At the opening of Felipe Angeles International Airport, a woman named Carmen sold “tostaditas” in the parking lot. The queues were enormous, as there were no restaurants operating at the airport yet.

The “tostaditas” were sold for 35 and 40 pesos, which sparked the curiosity more than one of the AIFA attendees. The El Universal Nación team reports that “at times, Carmen and her husband can’t handle the preparation of the talayuda, which they cover with beans to put on them with cheese and onions.”

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These are the components that carry Tlayudas

The tlayuda is an authentic gem of Oaxacan gastronomy. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, tlayuda is a tortilla about 30 cm in diameter. The tlayuda is slightly crunchy, but without being fully toasted. Like “doradita” it is stained with beans.

One difference between the tilauda and the tostadita is that the tilauda can contain beef jerky, enchilada, chorizo, or cecina. Quesillo, avocado is also added and there are those who put grasshoppers and escamoles on it. Also, talayuda is usually made from sorghum, unlike tostaditas, which are made from black corn.

Photo: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

“The main observation for the opening of Felipe Angeles International Airport was a lady selling Tlayudas. Some comments criticized it with contempt, because she does not know Mexico and its culture. They want to eat Tlayuda, what do they want? Some hamburgers” – Comments President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the morning conference March 22, 2022

Let us know if you’ve tried tlayudas and tostaditas. what is your favourite?

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