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AMLO critica ayuda de EU a Ucrania, pero no a los "hermanos centroamericanos"

AMLO criticizes US aid to Ukraine, but not to immigrants

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Doubted that Congress United State Approved within two days the financial resources to support UkraineAfter the invasion of Russia, its initiative to support Central America with resources remains in a legislative freeze.

“They just allowed the provision of resources to Ukraine, which is good, because their policy is to protect Ukraine, they decided, but this was approved by the US Congress in two days, and the support for the brothers from Central America is already for four years and has not been proven. ”

President Lopez Obrador stressed in his press conference at the National Palace that the relationship with the United States is good, but that there is a lot of bureaucracy “there is also, I think the elephant is bigger and more rheumatic.”

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The president said that in his meeting with the US Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mallorcas, he insisted on his proposal that the United States support so that El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have the resources to replicate the transplant of life and youth build the future. programs, thus arranging the flow of migration.

“Not only do they work in Central America, but they also have the possibility to obtain temporary work visas, request immigration flows, change immigration policy It was implemented in the United States and agreed to regularize the status, which has already taken a long time, for Mexican citizens living in the United States, because this is a commitment made long ago, to regularize the status of the 10 million Mexicans who live and work faithfully in the United States.

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Why did this initiative stop in Congress and it is not important? Why weren’t the resources approved for Central America?

President Lopez Obrador noted that the resources approved for Ukraine – $13.6 billion – are far greater than those required to support the poor in Central American and Caribbean countries.

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