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AIFA operates on its second day with only 12 flights - El Financiero

AIFA operates on its second day with only 12 flights – El Financiero

On the second day of his operations Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) It was operating with only six departures and six arrivals.

Volaris has operated flights to Tijuana and Cancun; Aerobus lives from Monterrey and Guadalajara; and Aeroméxico flights to Merida and Villahermosa, all with an itinerary of departure and return to Santa Lucia.

In addition, Saint Lucia will remain No international flights for 23 daysVenezuela’s state airline Conviasa plans to land again at the air port that opened on Monday until April 12, according to the airline’s reservation system.

Therefore, the newly opened airport will work Domestic flights only During that timebecause, so far, the arrival of another airline or the opening of overseas airlines has not been achieved by Mexican airlines.

In addition, Conviasa specified in its itinerary between Caracas and Santa Lucia that said flight would only operate on March 21, an unusual situation for an airline that operates international flights.

During the opening of AIFA, the government indicated that Delta Air Lines and Cuba Airlines would be interested in opening the aforementioned routes. airportHowever, no overseas flight other than Conviasa, which is currently on hold until the second week of April, has been confirmed or announced.

In addition, after the budgeted flight for April 12, Conviasa offers another flight, but until the 26th of the same month, this despite the fact that it has promoted on its social networks that the Caracas-Santa Lucia route will be operated on Monday.

Mexican airlines cannot open new routes from AIFA to the United States.

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