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The World Cup arrived in Mexico and was greeted at a ceremony at AIFAMediotiotiotiempo

The World Cup arrived in Mexico and was greeted at a ceremony at AIFAMediotiotiotiempo

Mexico City /

With an event that included regional Mexican music and the participation of ex-football players, such as Spaniard Carles Puyol, on Saturday 15 October. Origin to me Mexico City The TRufus world CupWhich begins its Coca-Cola tour in Latin America.

world Cup Origin to me Philippe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), Where he was received at a special event with staff from the Defense Secretariat (Sedena), diplomats, and special guests; Highlighted Marcelo Ebrade, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Mercadi, President of Coca-Cola Mexico and Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Mexico, Mohammed Al-Kuwari.

The Our master prepared show with regional Mexican music, performed by an orchestra with musicians from the Secretariat and dancers; The World Cup was later revealed with Puyol s Ebrard, Like the The main guests. Yes, no one touched the gold nugget, which was always inside its showcase, because that honor is for the winners of the World Cup.

Cup itinerary world Cup Includes an exhibition about Mihualco’s Utopia On the Iztapalapa Mayor’s Office This Saturday 15th October and for the general public starting 16th October; It will be sent later to Guadalajara s monterey, His tour given by Coca-Cola Mexico will end on the 20th. Later he will be sent to other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Argentina.

Those Who visit The booty will be able to have fun difference Activities Organized by Coca-Cola: “They will be able to paint their faces with the flag, create designs inspired by the players, and they will be able to demonstrate their athletic skills and knowledge of football”; Likewise, the audience “will be able to play challenges on 3×3 pitches and even take a photo with the original trophy.” for Get The Arrival for this Events Fans must “participate in promotions for Sugar free coke s Powered on digital platforms Coca-Cola in your homeAnd the Rabbi s The corner storeor they can go to the stores McDonald’s participants”.

“As Roberto (President of Coca-Cola Mexico) said, it is the most valuable cup on the planet with 32 teams that we have prepared for the past four years. Today, just over a month I’m excited to receive it with you all. symbolize the huge happiness Only those who can touch it win the championship.” Louis YoungPresident of the Mexican Football Federation.

While the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard He said Mexico should It seems in amazing Until that day Selection Mexican They managed to win the World Cup, aiming to stay in the country and not just come to the Tour.

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