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The waitress revealed the most unusual thing that the customer kept in the hotel safe

The waitress revealed the most unusual thing that the customer kept in the hotel safe

Maid from Buenos Aires, Argentina, known as Maria Mercedes V Tik Tok He shared a video showing one of the strangest things the guest did, he kept something very strange in the safe.

It was on June 11 when the woman shared the recording in which she recounted: “What strange things customers do in hotels. Once I saw a lady keep her shoes back home in a plastic bag and put them in the safe.”

Then he explained why the woman did this: “When he left the hotel he had to put on both shoes, yes or yes, and then he had to go to the safe to look for him, and so he would not forget his passport and documents.”

The post made comments such as: “This is called establishing something as a habit,” “I do the same thing, I put things I shouldn’t forget next to the house or car keys, so I don’t forget them,” “It’s nothing strange, this woman is a genius,” “I forgot I should.” to wear shoes.”

In May, Maria Mercedes shared another clip in which she showed a good gift that some of the guests gave her when they left. Entering the room, he found a note in which they wrote: “Thank you, Maria, for cleaning the room, and we gratefully present you with clothes that, due to being overweight, do not fit in the suitcase.”

And he explained in the recording that many Chileans and Brazilians went to the Argentine capital to buy clothes because it is very cheap, and then he showed that on the bed, sofa and closet they left him different clothes such as: shirts and jackets. Dresses, bags and even shoes.

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Due to the depreciation of the Argentine peso, Buenos Aires has become a favorite place for foreign tourists, with clothes such as T-shirts costing $8, dresses $13, and sandals $12, according to the newspaper. Republic.

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