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The Venezuelan opposition has denounced that Nicolas Maduro's regime is impeding the work of NGOs

The Venezuelan opposition has denounced that Nicolas Maduro’s regime is impeding the work of NGOs

Nicolas Maduro (EFE / Miraflores Press / Archive)

Last Friday, the Venezuelan opposition denounced Nicolas Maduro’s regime Obstructing the work of NGOs in the country By demanding accountability for their activities and the beneficiaries, in addition to information about their financial movements so that they are not “illegal”.

In a statement issued by the office of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, A recently published standard in the Official Gazette is indicated that includes requirements for:The Unified Register of Binding Issues Before the National Bureau for Combating Organized Crime and Financing Terrorism“.

These include “themes” Business owners, legal representatives, board members, non-profit organizations, and more.

Requests from non-governmental organizations a List of national and international organizations or entities from which they obtain benefits Or the List of foreign branches, As well as articles of incorporation and identification of its members.

For the opposition, this gets in the way. ”Optimum performance“To NGOs in the state he says”A large number of people are vulnerable, including members of organizations, the complainants who go to them, and the beneficiaries of their programs“.

The opposition confirmed that, on different occasions, the same complainants or beneficiaries had requested.SecrecyForSecurity issues, and they are all subjected to the same regime that regularly persecutes them“.

We urge the international community to do so Focus your attention on this new insult to the Venezuelan dictatorship against organized social movements He added, “In the country, one of the results of this may be the suspension of the operations of many initiatives, due to fear or the consequences of the repression that could result from this measure.”

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The anti-Chavismo group added that it would submit this complaint to the “competent international” authorities.

Diosdado Cabello (EFE / Rayner Peña)
Diosdado Cabello (EFE / Rayner Peña)

The Venezuelan Supreme Court has ordered a media outlet to pay millionaire compensation to Diosdado Cabello

On Friday, the Venezuelan High Court of Justice ordered the newspaper to be published the National To pay More than thirteen million dollars To the second number in Chavezmo, God gave poetry, As compensation for “Moral damage“.

According to the ruling of the Civil Appeals Chamber, the Venezuelan newspaper must pay Capello 237,000 Petro – a cryptocurrency that Nicolas Maduro launched in 2018 and imposed by the United States on sanctions – at the daily exchange value.

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) announced on Friday that oil is being exchanged for $ 56.41, so the amount to be paid the National It will be Capello $ 13,369,170.

The ruling also orders that the case be referred to a civil court in Caracas for execution.

This court shall notify the litigants and proceed with the implementation of the judgment, with determining the date for the optional payment of compensation. If not fulfilled, This court may order the compulsory execution of the judgment Abide by Venezuelan laws.

the National By describing the sentence as “Political persecutionAnd the warning that Capello hasIntent to commit a convincing expropriation through which he becomes the owner and editor of this historic media outlet“.

Cabello, today a member of the Venezuelan Parliament, filed a lawsuit the National In August 2015, after the newspaper repeated a tip from the Spanish newspaper ABCSigning that the leader of Chavista The United States was investigated for alleged drug trafficking links.

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In June 2018, he was at the time a member of the National Constituent Assembly Pedro Carreno Reported that a Caracas court ruled in Capello’s favor and ordered the National He paid 1,000,000,000 bolivars – about $ 12,500 at the current exchange rate – as compensation.

Carreño then asserted that if the compensation was not paid in effect, Capello would initiate a “guarantee measure” for the facilities of the facility, which had been established in 1943 by the Venezuelan poet Miguel Otero Silva.

Capello has also filed lawsuits against the shareholders, directors, editorial staff and owners of the digital newspaper Not Patella And weekly As isAfter echoing these media, as I did the National, From information published by ABC.

In June 2019, the Supreme Court ruled in Capello’s favor and ruled for him Not Patella To pay you more than $ 5 million.

(With information from EFE)

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