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The US simplified the citizenship and social security processes for immigrants

The US simplified the citizenship and social security processes for immigrants

The USCIS initiative promises to speed up and simplify the naturalization process beginning in April 2024. (Infobae/File)

From April 1 of 2024The Immigrants to America There is an option to simplify the acquisition process Citizenship and update your immigration status Social Security Administration (SSA). Applicants for naturalization who present according to the notice published by the immigration authorities Form N-400 Can be claimed at the same time a Social Security Number (SSN) Or a replacement card without going to the offices SSAReport US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

This new procedure allows automatic transmission of information between USCIS And this SSA, eliminating the need for additional procedures or documents to be submitted in person. According to a report from USCIS“New citizens no longer have to visit the local office SSA Request a S.S.N or replacement card. All necessary information will be included in the new version Form N-400.” This form, the new version came into effect April 1, 2024There are specific questions related to SSA Dated, not in current edition 2019.

to finish Form N-400 Online, candidates need to create an account on the website USCIS. This digital portal provides a secure and convenient way to submit forms, pay fees and track the status of the case throughout the adjudication process. This measure is designed to reduce the time and effort required by migrants to carry out these procedures. USCIS.

Creating an online account on the USCIS website makes it easy to submit forms securely. (Infobae/Archive)

One of the important steps for that Immigrants who receives Citizenship There is Update your immigration status with the SSA, it is necessary to obtain employment, receive social security benefits and access other government programs. A certificate of naturalization is a basic document to obtain American passportprovided by United States Dept.

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He USCIS Explained the importance of this new practice, “the automatic exchange of information between USCIS And SSA “This will significantly streamline the process for new citizens.” This means that after the inauguration, immigrants can more efficiently renew their U.S. citizenship status and improve their access to a variety of benefits and opportunities. America.

Form N-400 This is a standard document Immigrants Request must be submitted Naturalization in the United States. In its latest version, the form has sections that allow applicants to update their registration information. Social security Without additional procedures. Previous version of the form, 2019Not given this option, new citizens were forced to go to the offices SSA personally.

The US government seeks to optimize resources and reduce administrative burden through the new process. (Infobae/Archive)

From the government’s perspective, the move seeks to optimize resources and reduce the administrative burden for migrants and related institutions. USCIS The initiative is part of a continuous effort to improve the efficiency of immigration procedures in the country, it said in a press release.

For new citizens, the impact of this move can be significant, helping them integrate quickly and comfortably into the country’s economic and social system. “Renewal of immigration status is essential not only to access Social Security benefits Access to employment and other government benefits“says the statement of USCIS.

Applicants are important Naturalization Familiarize yourself with the new questions Form N-400 And they understand the benefits of updating their information Social security At the same time. Creating an online account on the USCIS website This is a fundamental step in the process, providing a secure platform to manage all the necessary requirements.

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In short, the new regulations introduced USCIS It promises to simplify and streamline the process Naturalization and improving the immigration status of the intending immigrant American citizens. This action is coming into effect April 1, 2024Allows automatic transfer of important information SSAEliminating the need for additional paperwork and in-person visits.