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The US Senate approved temporary legislation to avoid a government shutdown due to a funding shortfall

The US Senate approved temporary legislation to avoid a government shutdown due to a funding shortfall

The US Senate approved temporary legislation to prevent a government shutdown due to a funding shortfall. (REUTERS/Leah Millis)

He US Senate A temporary law to avoid this was given the green light on Tuesday Government shutdown Due to funding shortfalls, the current deadline must come into effect before the end of this week.

The High camera Recognized by American There were 68 votes in favor and 13 votes against The move seeks to extend government funding between March 1 and 8 while a final budget deal is negotiated.

Senate Majority Leader of the Democratic Party, Chuck SchumerIn a statement he expressed his hope that a long-term deal could be closed “by the end of Thursday” and stressed the importance of “bipartisan cooperation in both chambers” to achieve it.

Schumer has already agreed with the president Low cameraRepublican Party Michael Johnson, general levels of expenditure for various annual allocation schemes. Johnson, for his part, defended the need for this temporary legislation in an official speech to satisfy Republicans. House of Representatives They follow: “An end to omnipotent government, significant political victories and better stewardship of taxpayer dollars.”

The measure, which passed 68 votes in favor and 13 against, seeks to extend funding for the Biden administration between March 1 and 8, when a final budget deal is being negotiated. (REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz)

Last weekend, US lawmakers announced that they had reached an agreement on total funding for the 2024 fiscal year. Maximum limit Federal spending is approx 1.6 trillion dollars.

The plan includes cost overruns pentagon For some 886 billion dollars And one 773 billion For non-security discretionary funds.

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If this proposal goes through Budget extension, the third short-term spending deal Congress has approved since September. The first resulted in the downfall of the then Speaker of the Lower House. Kevin McCarthyDue to pressure from a section of own party.

Some Republicans are unhappy with their majority House of Representatives Not translated into deep budget cuts. Democrats, on the other hand, have chosen to keep the government running rather than take advantage of internal Republican divisions, but they have criticized the extension as further delaying approval of a new one. Military aid to Ukraine and Israel.

“Like Donald Trump (…) he cannot win people over with arguments. So intimidation seems to be their way forward,” Schumer denounced this Tuesday.

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed confidence in a statement that a long-term deal could be closed. (REUTERS/Anna Rose Layden)

If the government shuts down, nearly two million people will stop receiving their paychecks — most will get them back — and many of them will stop working, while others, Military or airport staff to continue to perform their duties. Lack of funds can have all sorts of negative consequences for management Museum closures and National Parks Discontinuation of health inspections Interference with food or scientific research projects.

The last government shutdown occurred during a Republican administration Donald Trump (2017-2021) and longest in history with 35 days (December 22, 2018 to January 29, 2019).

(With information from EFE and AFP)