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Alberto Pimentel was the second member of the Giamattei circle to be recognized by Magnitsky

Alberto Pimentel was the second member of the Giamattei circle to be recognized by Magnitsky

Pimentel, one of Giamatte's trusted men, was admitted this Wednesday, January 17. Photo: Alejandro Ramírez / La Hora.

Former Energy and Mines Minister Alberto Pimentel Mata became the second former official from Alejandro Giamatte's administration to be recognized by the US Treasury Department under the Global Magnitsky Act. The first is Miguel Martínez, former director of the defunct government center and partner of the current ex-president.

US Sanctions on Guatemalans Considered Blamed «Corruption and anti-democratic actorsThey got a little closer to the former ruler who left the presidency last Sunday, January 14, after dozens of attempts by the Public Ministry (MP) to coordinate a coup d'etat, the new president, Bernardo Arevalo, will not take office.

How US Sanctions Approached President Giamatte's Circle

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First is his partner

Martinez was the first former official in the Giamatte administration to be sanctioned under the Magnificent Act. He was added for participation «Widespread bribery schemes, including schemes involving government contracts«. That fact was announced on December 1, 2023.

The former president's partner came to hold a more important public position by creating a new agency within the executive branch. This office headed by Martinez was called the Government Center.

In this sense, the US government allegedly bribed Martinez “Agree on contract for 16 million Sputnik-V vaccines received by government from Russia during Covid-19 emergency in 2021”.

Within hours of the clearance being granted in December last year, Arevalo was accused of being part of an attack to block his inauguration, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller pointed out: “The United States continues to take action to counter public corruption and efforts to undermine the democratic transfer of power in Guatemala.«.

What is the Magnitsky Act and how does it affect Miguel Martínez?

The ex-President's partner, even though he was not a civil servant, enjoyed benefits such as the custody of agents of the Presidential Administration and Security Affairs (SAAS) and the privileges of other government agencies, such as the speed of public ministry. (MP) for his complaint, Documented by this journal.

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Former minister, blacklisted

Pimentel, one of Giamatte's confidants, was admitted this Wednesday, January 17, and according to an official statement from the Treasury Department, “action was taken pursuant to Executive Order 13818, which implements the Global Human Rights Magnitsky Accountability Act” , against perpetrators of serious human rights violations and corruption around the world.

According to the memo, the former minister used his official position to “exploit the Guatemalan mining sector through bribery schemes, including schemes related to government contracts and mining licenses.”

Pimentel was already admitted in October 2023, but under Section 7031(c), groups of persons ineligible to enter the aforementioned North American country.

On that occasion, his visa was revoked and the same restriction was imposed on two other former Giamatte officials:

  • Gendri Reyes, former Interior Minister
  • Óscar Rafael Pérez, Deputy Minister of MEM.

Reyes, Pimentel and Pérez allegedly received bribes in exchange for performing their public duties during their respective mandates. “Their corrupt practices undermined the rule of law and government transparency in Guatemala.”

Sanctions on Giamatte's Ex-Minister Alberto Pimentel, Expansion: Goes to Magnitsky