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Embajada EE.UU. aumentará la disponibilidad de citas de visas de paseo en próximos meses

The US Embassy will increase the availability of tourist visa appointments in the coming months

The New ambassador General of the US Embassy in Santo Domingo, Greg Segas, He said on Wednesday New employees will be added in the coming monthswhat This will allow for increased availability of appointments for walk-in visas.

Segas explained through an audiovisual that, in the meantime, they have an interview waiver program that accommodates renewals for expiring visa holders, who have long waiting periods for some time.

Similarly, he pointed out that children under the age of 14 and over the age of 80 could benefit from using these exemptions from interviews.

On the other hand, the Consul said that he is honored to join the team that will make up the Consulate in the Dominican territory and to “continue to provide high-level consular services to the Dominican people and the nearly three million U.S. citizens who reside and visit the country each year.”

During the video, Segas also pointed out that the U.S. Embassy issued more immigrant visas in July than in 2019 for the same period. The embassy in the Dominican Republic ranks fourth worldwide in issuing the highest number of summer work visas.

Segas noted that between October 2021 and April 2022, nearly 40 percent more birth certificates were processed abroad and 25 percent more passport applications than in 2019.

“We are simplifying the passport process for US citizens and the visa process for Dominicans,” he stressed.

The diplomat pointed out that Americans can now pay for passport renewals online and appointments for immigrant and non-immigrant visas have been expanded.

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The consular representative stressed that the priority is to strengthen the family, economic and cultural ties that bind the two countries, and to accomplish this objective, protect the interests of American citizens abroad and facilitate immigration and proper travel.