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The US asked Maduro to resume talks in “good faith” and allow “inclusive and competitive” elections.

The US asked Maduro to resume talks in “good faith” and allow “inclusive and competitive” elections.

Nicolás Maduro with Jorge Rodríguez, Chavismo representative during dialogue process with the US (Reuters)

America He asked this Tuesday for renewed talks with the Chavista regime Nicolás Maduro Venezuela has “good faith” and reiterated his request Presidential election on July 28 The South American country is competitive and inclusive.

“We welcome dialogue in good faith. “We know that democratic change is not easy and requires serious commitment.”He told the company EFE Spokesman for the White House National Security Council.

The Joe Biden administration is “committed to supporting the will of the Venezuelan people and finding a path to democratic governance. Inclusive and competitive electionsAdded the same source.

At a subsequent press conference, State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel declined to give further details about the dialogue, but insisted that last year’s Barbados accord between Chavismo and the opposition was “the best path to restoring democracy in Venezuela.” Merit.”

Vedant Patel, Deputy Spokesman for the US State Department

The Biden government expressed itself after Maduro announced on Wednesday that he would resume talks with US officials.

“After thinking about it for two months, I accepted, and next Wednesday the negotiations with the United States will resume,” Maduro said. on his weekly television show on Monday. He also pointed out that this new round of negotiations requires the US to “comply with the agreements signed in Qatar”. “Re-establish conversational norms with respect, without manipulation.”

The Caribbean country’s representative in the dialogue process will be Speaker of Parliament Chavista Jorge Rodríguez.

Since March 2022, when a White House delegation traveled to Caracas to meet with Maduro, negotiations between the United States and Venezuela have been intermittent and fraught with ups and downs. As a result of this dialogue, Washington partially lifted sanctions against Chavismo last October, but the Biden administration reversed the relief six months later. Election disqualification of opposition leader Maria Corina Machado.

Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado holds a campaign banner of opposition presidential candidate Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia and addresses a crowd during a rally in Maracaibo (REUTERS/Isaac Urrutia).

On Sunday, Venezuela held a rehearsal for the July 28 presidential election in a day of “massive participation,” according to Chavista officials, which serves as a precursor to the election. Nicolás Maduro is seeking a third term in office.

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The exercise, attended by 21.3 million citizens with 3,006 tables, started at 8:00 am (12:00 GMT) local time and lasted until 7:00 pm (23:00 GMT). Long lines were seen at many schools in the center of Caracas and in some middle-class areas, although in other communities, the middle class, they deserted.

The participation of Maduro or his main rival was not noticed. Edmundo González Urrutia is the opposition candidate who supported María Corina Machado after her disqualification. The atmosphere of the campaign, which officially begins on July 4, is marked by complaints Harassment, arrest and disqualification of opposition leaders.

(With information from AFP and EFE)