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Graban en acción al prototipo actualizado del Tesla Cybertruck en una pista de pruebas (VIDEO)

The updated Tesla Cybertruck prototype is filmed working on a test track (video)


12 dic 2021 16:16 GMT

Musk clarified that this is not the final version of the truck and that it will still undergo some other changes before serial production begins.

A video posted on December 10 on YouTube shows the new prototype of the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck electric truck driving through a test track at the Fremont (California, USA) plant.

The most remarkable thing about this new type of car, in addition to its enormous size, is that it offers only windshield wiper. Tesla is developing a single-blade electromagnetic windshield wiper system, and the Cybertruck is rumored to be the first Tesla to feature this new technology.

On his Twitter account, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, He said What is a windshield wiper? What worries you the most, due to the technical difficulties involved in its development.

“It’s not an easy solution. A drop-in windshield wiper is stored in the front trunk. It would be perfect, but complicated‘ stressed the businessman.

On the other hand, Musk explained that the law obliges manufacturers to supply side mirrors to cars, although “Owners can modify it“If they want to.

It appears that Tesla has also updated the Cybertruck’s headlighting, adding three smaller headlights in the middle of the headlights, as in its original version, the car featured full side-by-side headlights.

Musk explained that this is what appears in the video It’s not the final version from the truck and will still undergo some other changes before the start of serial production.

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The Cybertruck was officially unveiled in November 2019. Although it hasn’t gone on sale yet, it has already gone on sale. Over a million reservationsAccording to the latest stats from Tesla. The company expects the first deliveries to be completed in 2022.