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The University of Camagüey prepares for the 32nd National Forum of Educational Sciences

The University of Camagüey prepares for the 32nd National Forum of Educational Sciences

Camaguey, June 4.- Four delegates will represent the University of Camaguey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz at the 32nd National Forum of University Students in Educational Sciences, which will be held from June 4 to 7, 2024, virtually at the University of Holguín. The delegation consists of two students and two recent graduates who will present their scientific theses.

In the case of students, Angelica María Murciego Abal, third year of Bachelor of Speech Therapy, will present “Speech therapy guidelines for families of deaf preschool children in inclusion settings”. As he put it, it is a presentation of “part of my student scientific work, which is the result of my extracurricular work in the second year of the degree, which is part of the problem presented by the guidance to the family of deaf preschool children of the work of the speech therapist, taking into account that the students Deaf people access a bilingual educational model: their natural language and first language is sign language and Spanish in its oral/written version is their second language.

“Based on these characteristics, it is important that the speech therapist has the necessary preparation to properly guide the family regarding speech therapy treatment for the characteristics of these children, which is why I propose a model of activities to prepare district speech therapists and on this basis, they can guide the family of deaf children in the pre school based on their status as a bilingual and bicultural person.

“My expectations from this event are about exchanging with students who provide solutions from science to problems in the educational context, expanding knowledge of other profiles and other ways to provide solutions to problems that arise in different educational contexts.”

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On the other hand, Roxana María González Pérez, also in her third year, but majoring in Education and Psychology, will present a research entitled “The impact of educational trends in Latin America on the professional training of students in the major of Education and Psychology.”

“The study of pedagogy as a science is of vital importance for the training of future education professionals. Each era and society has presented different pedagogical trends and different advocates, which over time require their updating. Therefore, the aim of the work, in the extracurricular way, is to reflect In pedagogical trends in Latin America for better training of professionals,” explains González Pérez.

Thus, its study provides the study of pedagogical trends that laid the foundations for the mastery of pedagogy in each country and contribute to the advancement of education and with it the training and personality development of students of the school institution.

Among the graduates who will participate is Cristian César Tabanes Hernandez, with a degree thesis entitled “Proposing exercises for the development of resistance in fifth grade students.” This is a research conducted with 46 pioneers from the Rafael María de Mendev Primary School, which aims to propose exercises that contribute to the development of the skill, taking into account the formal-functional characteristics of age, major accidents and scientific accuracy of mathematical calculations based on the load adaptation index. “This is a practical contribution that marked the culmination of my studies last academic year.”

Recent graduate Irisledi will also represent Course Valley Our Home for Higher Education, through her work “Teacher Preparation for Educational Inclusion at the Primary Educational Level” as part of the committee focusing on health education with a gender focus for a just and inclusive society.

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The National Forum for University Students in Educational Sciences is held by the Ministry of Higher Education and the University Students Union and its main objective is to stimulate the promotion of scientific training of university students in professions related to educational sciences. (Text: Laura Marian Bacalao Padrón, Photo: Daenerys Triana Poll)