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The university hosted the first scientific conference that focused on gender

The university hosted the first scientific conference that focused on gender

The scientists met in an unprecedented event, seeking to promote equity in the CTCI ecosystem developed at the national level.

Camilla Power, U. Talka.- Establishing a gender approach and creating collaborative networks was the goal of the first National Conference on Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation from a Gender Perspective, which brought together more than 300 participants.

This activity was organized by the network of innovation projects in higher education, InES Género, with funding from the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID).

“This first conference is very important because it brings together the gender-related InES projects and programs promoted by the Ministry, which have made it possible to create institutions, and also this network where we have representatives of projects from all over the country,” declared the Undersecretary. From Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Carolina Ginza, she added that this group “showed us that cooperation is possible beyond the competition that was so natural in our CTCI system.”

The President of the University of Talca, Carlos Torres Fuchslocher, stressed the importance of the House of Studies hosting this first meeting, and stated that the institution “is doing coordinated work with the InEs Género network in the country and we express this through tools that favor academic life, research from a gender perspective, whether At the graduate level or in the research itself.

For her part, the National Director of the National Agency for International Development, Alejandra Pizarro, declared that “as an agency, financing incentive instruments and creating capacities in universities such as the National Institute of Environmental Studies is part of our responsibility, but also part of our pride.” .

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