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The United States made a decision with Cuban MLB players and World Classic – Full Swing

Official note

the Union Cubana de Baseball (FCB) has been informed that the United States government has granted permission for athletes of Cuban descent, who are residents of that country, to join their team in the V World Baseball Classic, scheduled for March 8-21 of 2023.

“We have received a communication from the El Clásico organizers announcing that the license they requested has been granted so that the Cuban team can register Cuban athletes, whether MLB or not, who reside in the United States.” Juan Reynaldo Pérez Pardo, President of FCB.

“The contact specifies that the details of the license granted will be announced shortly. As soon as this happens, we will be in a position to announce the preliminary result of the Cuba team,” Perez Pardo added.

While we recognize that these gestures are positive steps, it is necessary to point out that they were the only just solution to the issue.

It is arbitrary and discriminatory that permission from the US government is required for the organizers of a sporting event to guarantee the participation of a country like Cuba, which is not only the founder of these competitions, but has also secured its inclusion in the ranks like the rest of the 19 teams that will participate in the V Clásico.

»It is equally unfair that the Cuban athletes, because those we are going to call up are Cubans, trained in our country and who, despite all the pressures, want to represent their people, also depend on the permission of the US government. to comply. Their dream is to play for the country they were born in,” added the FCB president.

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“We want to acknowledge and thank the work of MLB and the World Baseball and Softball Federation in their role as organizers of the Classic. Cuba continues its preparations,” Perez Pardo concluded.