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The United States has renewed its 'Stay in Mexico' policy for immigrants

The United States has renewed its ‘Stay in Mexico’ policy for immigrants

(CNN) – The Joe Biden administration reintroduced the Trump term policy “Stay in Mexico”According to the Department of Homeland Security, the resumption of a program allowing authorities to send non-Mexican immigrants to Mexico means they will have to wait there for U.S. immigration court hearings.

The policy began in El Paso, Texas, according to two customs and border security officials.

The plan to force non-Mexican immigrants to stay in Mexico until they are tried in a U.S. immigration court was suspended at the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term and formally suspended a few months later.

But in August, a federal judge in Texas ruled that the Biden administration had violated federal law by continuing to withdraw the plan and demanding that it be reactivated.

The Biden administration last week insisted on re-implementing the formally known policy Immigrant protection ethics (MPP) only because of a court order.

“The DHS is closely coordinating with the Mexican government the MPP, which has been ordered by a court of law to address security concerns and operational limitations. A Homeland Security spokesman said in a statement on Monday.

Two Trump timeline policies return

With re-enforcement “Stay in Mexico“Two controversial Trump term policies will be in effect under Python. The term Trump is known as the Public Health Order.”Title 42“It simply came to our notice then.

The Health Order will take precedence over the MPPs, meaning that the United States will continue to expel those eligible under the Health Order. Those who are not expelled under the Health Order will be considered on a case-by-case basis to wait for their trial in Mexico.

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The Biden administration has appealed against the court order and plans to suspend the policy if the court allows it. In the midst of the appeal effort, the administration has resumed planning with high-level negotiations with Mexico, which requires significant cooperation with Mexico along the border.

An official said Mexico “demanded continuous humanitarian development” as a condition for accepting people into Mexico under the plan.

The reality of giving birth as an immigrant in Mexico 3:16

Changes to “Stay in Mexico”

White House spokeswoman Zhen Zaki on Monday admitted that the government did not want the project to go ahead, saying it had implemented DHS changes “to improve humanitarian elements.” However, he added that the administration still felt that the plan was “inefficient and inhumane”.

Last week, officials said the Biden administration had made a number of changes, including asking if all possible registrants were afraid to return to Mexico.

The categories of vulnerable persons who are exempt from joining the program will be expanded to include those with physical and mental health problems, the elderly and those at risk of discrimination, especially those who are discriminated against due to their gender orientation. Sexual identification, the officer said.

The official added that the United States had agreed to complete the court hearings “as soon as possible” within 180 days.

All people enrolled in the program will receive the Covit-19 vaccine before returning to Mexico, which is an important step for Mexico, the official said.

Approaching a lawyer was a point of contention between US and Mexican authorities.

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The official added that everyone on the new show is afraid to return to Mexico and will have access to a lawyer before and after their interviews before court hearings in the United States.

Another official said traffic from Mexico to the border would also be improved.

An immigrant from Mexico goes to the United States to get us a job. 2:11

Circuit trips will be arranged from the court hearings, and Mexico buses will provide security support for getting on and off the court hearings.

In addition, those in the program will seek asylum in the inner cities from the courts of Laredo and Brownsville, where they are awaiting transportation for a court hearing, the official said.

CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez contributed to the report.