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The UdeC Marine Biology Station will open its doors to the community in Deschato

The UdeC Marine Biology Station will open its doors to the community in Deschato

In the context of the topic “Introduction to Marine Biodiversity”, which is taught to first-year students of Careers Marine Biology and Engineering in Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture (IBMA) from the University of ConcepciónA “Marine Biodiversity Carnival”, a day of activities intended for the dissemination of marine science, will be held.

Biodiversity is a major issue for environmental studies and research programs at the national and international levels, which take into account educational, political, cultural, social and economic aspects. during the semester, The students were trained on the origin, current and future state of marine biodiversityIn addition to obtaining tools for evaluating biodiversity in marine environments, through theoretical and practical study techniques.

“The idea is to create an open space for the community, where students can develop the activities that we have planned during the semester. These are different modules that contain new and dry materials, pictures and quizzes among other activities” says the person in charge of the subject, Dr. Erasmo Macaya HortaAcademic of the UdeC Department of Oceanography.

The activities are designed by the students and You will be able to observe sea creatures under a magnifying glass, new microscopes and specimens as well as games like Twister Marine Creatures, Phyla Race, The Zoomareal, Algae Scientist, Chilean Shark, among others. Likewise, research centers of excellence associated with the Department of Oceanography will join the event.

The Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research, INCAR Centre, will have the platform “The Benthic World and Its Diversity: Learn about Protection”, composed of 100 species are part of our mother’s natural and cultural heritager, as well as the virtual reality game “Eco Salmonero Ninja”, in which the fish farm must be protected from pollution by waste and from sea lice.

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The Coastal Cups Centre A sample of marine biodiversity will be available through Chile MIO, an interactive game through augmented reality, videos and audios that mixes questions about our sea with the development of artistic activities (such as imitation and recitation through two panels). singing, drawing, etc.)

The Millennium Institute of Oceanography He will carry out scientific publishing activities in which he will present part of his investigations and the results of his research related to the ocean depths, in connection with his latest oceanographic voyage.”Atacama mistletoeA team of academics from the Department of Oceanography descended more than 8,000 meters into the depths of the Atacama Trench.

Dichato Marine Biology Station is located at Caleta Villarrica (Villarrica 151), in the town of TomeYou can visit laboratories and classrooms where teaching and scientific research are conducted, as well as watch organisms such as starfish, snails, fish, sea urchins, and crabs.

November coincides with the Department of Oceanography’s month anniversary (1971) and the opening of the Marine Biology Deschateau Station, which will celebrate its 45th anniversary next year. Admission is free and no prior registration is required.; However, marine science books will be withdrawn for those who register by filling out the form, which is accessible Click here.